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What It Takes To EnCOURAGE Others

What It Means To Be A CHRISTIAN

The Positive Side Of “I Can’t Take This Anymore”

The Rightful Owner

Serving, Sharing and Surfing ☺

God’s Presence? Don’t Say It, Just LIVE It

Bamboo-ing in Life

Stoked on LOVE, Stoked on “Shaka” Lifestyle

On R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Proverbs 21:30

Call Me Crazy… Maybe ♥

Making A Difference Thru COLORS

Sun, Surf & Nuptials by Michael Mariano

Garlic King: For the Love of My Husband ♥

On Saltwater Buddha: #StokeBits01

Official SKATE PreNup Photos of LA + Eesai by ©Allen Pangan ♥

Surf and Skate with LA + Eesai’s Love Story: 05.12.12 ♥

Official SURF PreNup Photos of LA + Eesai by ©Allen Pangan ♥

LA + Eesai Prenup Teaser by Allen Pangan

God’s Treasure: Reformed and to be Recreated

What Really Matters

Life’s Turning Point of a Running Believer

LOVE as a Weapon

A Warrior In Faith

The Way I See You

Libre Mangarap

Who is your MAIN MAN?

Crab Mentality

A Sweet Ride

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