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Official SKATE PreNup Photos of LA + Eesai by ©Allen Pangan ♥

Official SURF PreNup Photos of LA + Eesai by ©Allen Pangan ♥

Location: University of the Philippines, Diliman, Q.C.

Bride-to-be: Eesai Garcia
Groom-to-be: LA Garcia

Direction & Photography by: Allen Pangan
Check him out:

Special thanks to the following:

Photographer’s Assistant:
Marlon Toladro

Dog Whisperer: ☺
Arsenio Froilan Jhong Mesina

Visit LA + Eesai’s official wedding website at: ♥

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Official SURF PreNup Photos of LA + Eesai by ©Allen Pangan ♥

Official SURF PreNup Photos of LA + Eesai by ©Allen Pangan ♥

Location: Bacnotan, La Union, Philippines (our favorite surf spot… so far ☺)

Bride-to-be: Eesai Garcia
Groom-to-be: LA Garcia

Make-up Artist: Hannah Roa
Check her out:

Assistant Director: Gis Muñoz
Direction & Photography by: Allen Pangan
Check him out:

Visit LA + Eesai’s official wedding website at: ♥

This is God’s work, definitely. From the weather, location, existence of our beautiful nature, gifts/talents, awesome friends and planted unfailing love in the couple’s hearts… you can’t help but surrender and SHARE HIS LOVE. ♥

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What Really Matters

I’m really starting to wonder how different God made me to be in this world. In a good way though. ☺ You see, I am getting married on May 12, 2012, 63 days from now, and yes, I am very excited, without the stress and pressure though ☺

My fiancé, LA, and I got engaged last year, March 9, 2011. Our journey was not smooth from then on, in fact, more difficult challenges came our way. Challenges that can only either make or break a relationship, or an engagement for that matter. Though there were a lot of times that we already gave up on each other, or at least we thought we did, God never gave up on us and made His way a lot of times and differently to correct us, teach us the kind of love that married people should entail and direct us into understanding the main reason why He has put us together in love in the first place.

Our parents met for the first time in November last year to formalize the engagement and give their blessing for our desire to get married. Come December 30, 2011, 2 days before the new year 2012, LA and I were able to set a date for our wedding while driving from La Union to Manila coming home from a 2-week holiday vacation and surf trip. It was set then on May 12, 2012. ☺ The moment we agreed I sent a text message to Jinky (my bonfire-surf sister friend and a hot mom that’s why I call her “Ate Witwiw” who owns our home resort in La Union, Normi2’s Beachfront Resort, together with her husband Junie and daughter Sophie) and told her our plans for getting married on the said date and our desire to hold it in their resort. ☺ Right then and there she gave me a really good package that completely turned our plans into actions and made me so enthusiastic about getting married. ☺

You see, God’s timing is always the best. He’s never early nor late, just perfect. ♥ I knew that God will carefully unfold everything we just need in our lives, and in this matter, everything we just need for the wedding, nothing more and nothing less. ☺

And so, new year has passed, days, weeks, months, and we’re just taking everything one step at a time. God has just been so generous and was just literally providing the things we need for our wedding. ☺

Here comes one thing, probably the very first thing that every girl/woman asks of me whenever they hear about the news. My wedding gown. I respect the fact that this is probably something most women would spend more time, effort and money on but to me, this is actually just something I would prioritize the least. So far, I have only shared this with LA and my best friend Hannah, who is also my maid of honor and make-up artist for the wedding, that I actually wouldn’t care if I end up wearing a regular beach dress or even a regular “bestida”. What really matters and the most important thing to me really is the fact that I am getting married to LA, my best friend, the one I unconditionally love and the purpose God gave for my life, and were both committing our lives for service to God to be partners and build a God-centered family for His glory. We just made sure that the significant things and elements in our lives will be part of our wedding day as we say our vows to each other and to God. The fact that our loved ones, closest friends and families, will also be with us on our wedding day, already marked a perfect smile in my heart that any regular dress would make me look like the most beautiful, happiest and most blessed bride of the year. ♥ Well of course that’s not true since God loves to bless all of His children, I wouldn’t be just the one. ☺

So, moving closer to our wedding day, we both prioritized CCF’s pre-marital counseling sessions where we clearly learned a lot of things and opened our hearts and minds so we can prepare ourselves for a Christian marriage life. We are also taking care of the documents needed to comply with our worldly law. How about all the other things needed for the wedding event itself? Oh yeah, I’m doing it. ☺ There was a time when LA wanted me to get a wedding organizer for all of this. I told him that I truly appreciate his concern that he doesn’t want me to get stressed and feel helpless with the things we have to do, but I also asked him if he may allow me to plan and do everything for our wedding and that I hope he won’t take that opportunity away from me to personally put things altogether for OUR wedding, with God’s help and grace. The truth is I love doing things for him, for US. And if this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and my only chance to serve my partner and God in a wedding, I would take everything in me to do it, without any pressure, complaints and doubts, just love. ♥

People ask us about the wedding details, how ready we are, and tend to feel the pressure more than us. We can only smile and appreciate with so much love everything that God is doing for us. Though we will never be worthy, we can also never thank God enough for bringing us these people in our lives who painstakingly give their time and effort to support us. ☺

I am honestly loving everything that God is unfolding for us. I am so blessed to feel not even a bit of stress or pressure about our wedding planning and preparations but pure enthusiasm with all of my faith. ☺

So tell me, who could still bother to give importance to gowns, shoes, flowers, and other irrelevant things to God’s kingdom when everything else more important have already been laid in front of you? ☺

God bless all of you with so much love. ♥


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