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Garlic King: For the Love of My Husband ♥

So what’s the story behind this Garlic King kitchen tool?

This week I have started cooking for my husband. Yes, it’s a new thing for me. You see when we were still in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, LA was always hoping I’d cook for him. I said no all the time. Even when we got engaged then. He was always teasing me how less I know about cooking and all. I was always in defense and telling him that I can be a good cook and I know that the taste I’m gonna leave would be addicting! ☺ BUT (there was always this big but) then again I can only do this if I have time… or IF I MAKE time 🙂 hahahaha! The truth is I don’t want to do it for him YET. I told him I would cook for him if I’m already married to him. ♥

So, 11 days ago, I got married to this any-food-as-long-as-it’s-with-rice-eater person… and he kept my promise in his heart. Yes, he made me remember about the cooking promise. ☺

Of course, I will never forget it as well but I wasn’t really looking forward to it and was just really letting things happen as needed. ☺

So this week I started cooking for my husband… and I must admit and must be honest, I started to get excited about it. Just the thought of cooking for my love and how I would make an unforgettable taste out of an ordinary corned beef in can for him made me want to be a wife more than anything else in the world. ☺

There is one important thing though. My husband loves garlic. I love garlic too but not as much as he does. He needs to have it in anything he eats and it has to be one garlic bulb (not just cloves) per viand. Now everybody knows how garlic is supposed to be prepared for cooking. You can’t just peel and cut them and put them on a pan. You have to at least grind them or cut them in really tiny pieces so you can release its best flavor. You need a mortar and pestle to do this. The bad news is my kitchen doesn’t have one. So I have been cooking for my husband for two days and I feel so incomplete without it. Although so far, my husband is loving the food I prepare or he requests every time, I still feel I need to make sure that my tools are complete so I can do this cooking job the best way I can. One ‘special’ thing about me is that I am somewhat an obsessive compulsive type of person when it comes to work or basically anything I do. So I always make sure that I do something at my best all the time. More importantly, I always think that I work for God in anything I do no matter how small something is so the more that I put my heart, mind and energy into it.

So today, after work, before I go home to cook dinner for my husband again for the third time, I decided to pass by Shopwise in Pasong Tamo to get a mortar and pestle so I can cook the tastiest 555 tuna sisig with garlic for my husband. ☺ I was there for more than an hour looking for other kitchen stuff I might need before I asked for the only reason I went there, assuming that they have at least one mortar & pestle. Unfortunately, they ran out of stock. So I thought my mere presence there was pointless. I didn’t buy anything and went to Rockwell Powerplant instead. The mortar and pestle I saw at True Value was overly priced for a kitchen tool. So I was asking the kitchen ware staff for alternatives. They were giving me tools that may look like helpful but also look like could only last for a few days. Until this Garlic King was given to me. I thought this could serve its purpose. ☺

So I spent like three (3) hours at two (2) places looking for a mortar and pestle and ended up with a garlic presser for the love of my husband… just so I can cook my best for God’s best in my life. ♥


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Official SKATE PreNup Photos of LA + Eesai by ©Allen Pangan ♥

Official SURF PreNup Photos of LA + Eesai by ©Allen Pangan ♥

Location: University of the Philippines, Diliman, Q.C.

Bride-to-be: Eesai Garcia
Groom-to-be: LA Garcia

Direction & Photography by: Allen Pangan
Check him out:

Special thanks to the following:

Photographer’s Assistant:
Marlon Toladro

Dog Whisperer: ☺
Arsenio Froilan Jhong Mesina

Visit LA + Eesai’s official wedding website at: ♥

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Surf and Skate with LA + Eesai’s Love Story: 05.12.12 ♥

Watch the Slideshow at Animoto: Surf and Skate with LA + Eesai’s Love Story: 05.12.12 ♥

Listen to “Happy” by Secrets In Stereo ♥

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Official SURF PreNup Photos of LA + Eesai by ©Allen Pangan ♥

Official SURF PreNup Photos of LA + Eesai by ©Allen Pangan ♥

Location: Bacnotan, La Union, Philippines (our favorite surf spot… so far ☺)

Bride-to-be: Eesai Garcia
Groom-to-be: LA Garcia

Make-up Artist: Hannah Roa
Check her out:

Assistant Director: Gis Muñoz
Direction & Photography by: Allen Pangan
Check him out:

Visit LA + Eesai’s official wedding website at: ♥

This is God’s work, definitely. From the weather, location, existence of our beautiful nature, gifts/talents, awesome friends and planted unfailing love in the couple’s hearts… you can’t help but surrender and SHARE HIS LOVE. ♥

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