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Call Me Crazy… Maybe ♥


After making two gospel bracelets this morning, I thought of something crazy… maybe beautifully crazy though ☺

Combining the suggestion of our photographer friend Michael Mariano, on how we can display our wedding pictures in our home, and the surfboard ref magnets given by another friend, Gracey Corpuz, I thought of making a surfboard-clothes-line type of photo display hanger where we can clip our printed pictures on the wall. ☺



I made use of the rasta-colored yarns so our surfboard-clothes-line-photo-display would meaningfully portray the gospel: Heaven, Sin, Blood of Jesus, Salvation and Eternal Life ♥

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Sun, Surf & Nuptials by Michael Mariano

Sun, Surf & Nuptials by Michael Mariano

We’re very honored to be featured on the website of one of the most talented photographers we know personally ☺ Thank you God! ♥

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Surf and Skate with LA + Eesai’s Love Story: 05.12.12 ♥

Watch the Slideshow at Animoto: Surf and Skate with LA + Eesai’s Love Story: 05.12.12 ♥

Listen to “Happy” by Secrets In Stereo ♥

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Official SURF PreNup Photos of LA + Eesai by ©Allen Pangan ♥

Official SURF PreNup Photos of LA + Eesai by ©Allen Pangan ♥

Location: Bacnotan, La Union, Philippines (our favorite surf spot… so far ☺)

Bride-to-be: Eesai Garcia
Groom-to-be: LA Garcia

Make-up Artist: Hannah Roa
Check her out:

Assistant Director: Gis Muñoz
Direction & Photography by: Allen Pangan
Check him out:

Visit LA + Eesai’s official wedding website at: ♥

This is God’s work, definitely. From the weather, location, existence of our beautiful nature, gifts/talents, awesome friends and planted unfailing love in the couple’s hearts… you can’t help but surrender and SHARE HIS LOVE. ♥

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